Gynexol Review: Will This Gynecomastia Cream Work For Your Moobs?

Many men suffer from the problem of the swelling or enlargement of breast tissue that is the result of an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. If fatty tissue in the breast area continues to grow, it could lead to the appearance of embarrassing man boobs. In a worst-case scenario, this swelling could become painful, leading to the loss of some functional ability. This problem is commonly known by its clinical name, gynecomastia (or gyno).

The good news is that there is a cure for gynecomastia. One of the most effective treatment options is Gynexol, a cream that helps in the sculpting of the chest and the reduction of man boobs. By gently rubbing Gynexol into the breast area each day for a period of one to four months, you are able to treat man boobs in a natural way with no known side effects. Does Gynexol work? According to reviews, yes, indeed it does.

Gynecomastia and the Need for a Gynecomastia Cream

Gynexol is a cream that has been specially formulated to treat gynecomastia, which can affect as many as one in three men. Gynecomastia has been found in men of all age ranges. What can be particularly damaging about gynecomastia is its effect on self-esteem and confidence. Some men may be so embarrassed by the appearance of feminine-looking breasts that they do everything possible to hide them.

However, finding a cure for gynecomastia may be harder than you think. That’s because gynecomastia is really a hormonal imbalance, so even if you have the right diet and the right exercise regimen, you may still suffer from gynecomastia. The hormonal imbalance means that the supply of testosterone and estrogen is out of sync. That’s a particularly common concern among bodybuilders, who may be using testosterone supplements to build bulk and for chest sculpting. But your metabolism is only able to handle so much testosterone before it starts converting it into estrogen, and that might lead to the formation of man boobs.

So, gynecomastia might even be a problem for men who are in great shape and who follow a healthy diet. What’s needed is some type of gynecomastia cream that is able to change the local swelling of the chest in order to reduce the size of the manboobs.

Gynexol Ingredients

Gynexol cream is 100% natural and does not contain any chemically manufactured ingredients. That’s why so many men are now using it as a way to get rid of gynecomastia. The ingredients in this cream include:

  • Retinol
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • L-Arginine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Ethoxydiglycol

Let’s take a closer look at how each of these ingredients could help to reduce the effects of gynecomastia.

Retinol helps to restore dead skin cells. It also helps to stimulate your supply of collagen, which helps to firm the skin. It is especially known to firm the epithelial tissue, which is important for keeping the skin from sagging.

Aloe Vera Juice boosts your metabolism. This is important to help burn calories and prevent cells from storing fat.

L-Arginine is the main ingredient in Gynexol and the key to its success. It increases the lipolysis process, which helps to break down fat. It also improves blood circulation, which aids in bringing the right nutrients to all parts of your body. L-Arginine also reduces your body’s ability to store fat and makes it easier to form muscle. You can immediately see why L-Arginine is so critical in the treatment of gynecomastia.

Green Tea Extract – If you drink green tea already, you may know that green tea is very high in powerful antioxidants which can reduce inflammation. This is obviously very important when treating gynecomastia since the goal is to reduce the swelling or enlargement of the breast tissue.

Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that appears in nature. Clinical tests have shown that it could protect blood vessels and improve overall blood circulation.

Tocopheryl Acetate is also a natural ingredient with enormous benefits for our skin. It could help protect the skin from aging.

Ethoxydiglycol – You could think of this as the “secret ingredient” that makes Gynexol so effective. It helps to bind all the ingredients together and helps them work together to produce results faster than you ever thought possible.

Does Gynexol Work?

To reduce the size of your man’s breasts, there are alternatives. One of them is to take gyno supplements that are designed to improve your ability to absorb and use certain nutrients. But these gyno supplements do not address the main problem: the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen.

Another alternative widely found online is gynecomastia pills. The most popular of these is Gynexin, which is made by the same company that makes Gynexol cream. These pills are safe and effective. However, they are not targeted at just your breast area. They help to restore your natural metabolism and they help you to lose fat, but these pills may not reduce the swollen tissue in your breasts.

Finally, the newest alternative is surgery. This is a serious step as it requires going under the knife. The results could be quite good, but the problem is that there could also be painful complications such as additional swelling in the chest area, scars, and a long recovery period. Also, since insurance companies view this procedure as cosmetic surgery, they often won’t pay for it. Surgery is simply too expensive if insurance companies aren’t paying for it.

According to Gynexol reviews, that’s why a gynecomastia cream like Gynexol is such a great option. Unlike the supplements, this cream goes to work to address the hormonal imbalance at the source. Unlike the pills, it is a topical treatment designed only for the male breast tissue area. And, unlike surgery, it is safe and relatively inexpensive. You won’t have to worry about permanent scarring or any post-surgical treatment options.

Gynexol Customer Reviews and Results

In any Gynexol review, men who want results fast agree that there is one best way to use Gynexol cream. After a daily bath or shower, simply apply the cream to the breast area in the same way you might a moisturizing lotion or cream. Do this one time per day only. Then gently massage the Gynexol into your man’s breasts so that there is no residue left. This only takes a few minutes. Do this regularly for at least one month. In some cases, it may take several months for the sculpting effects to appear.

When you decide to purchase Gynexol, you’ll probably want to read online reviews to see what other men say. Most reviews are very positive, saying that Gynexol works. Other reviews go into specific details about how Gynexol helped in the treatment of their problem. And still, other reviews describe how and why they made the decision to buy Gynexol. Results are key.

The best part of all this, of course, is that there do not appear to be any side effects from the gyno cream. The first time you apply the cream, you might notice some slight skin irritation, but this usually disappears by the second or third day. These results usually only happen if the skin is either very dry or very oily.

It is possible to get the chest results you’ve always wanted without any unwanted side effects. Combined with a regular sculpting routine at the gym, you’ll see all of your efforts begin to pay off. With each passing week, the ingredients in the cream will begin to restore the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in your body.

If you decide to buy Gynexol, it’s worth considering how you might change your diet and exercise program accordingly so that you are able to really see a reduction in the size of your enlarged breast area. This means reducing the amount of fat in your diet and trying to hit the gym at least twice a week for best results.


  • No pain
  • Easy application
  • Affordable
  • No medical prescription is required
  • It can be purchased online
  • It comes in discreet packaging
  • No major side effects
  • Results in as little as three weeks


  • It cannot be bought in stores or over the counter
  • It is more expensive than gynecomastia pills

Where to Buy Gynexol?

It is easy to buy Gynexol. It’s available to buy online, where it is often found at affordable prices. One tube of Gynexol cream (a one-month supply) typically costs $79.95, but you can get real savings by buying three tubes for $193.86 or five tubes for $244.65. As you can see, the more you buy, the more you can save. Buying Gynexol doesn’t mean paying a big price.

Gynexol Review – Conclusion

Gynexol works. It helps a man of any age to reduce or eliminate the painful and sometimes humiliating problem of gynecomastia. And it does so in a safe, clinically proven way. As reviews typically point out, you will start to see visible results after just two weeks. After 5-6 weeks, you will notice results like a firmer, flatter chest. By the end of four months, you will have the flat masculine chest you’ve always wanted.

You’ll also have a huge boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Instead of hiding your upper body in the locker room at the gym or being afraid to go out in public places like the beach, you’ll feel great and look even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gynexol do?

Gynexol reduces the size of enlarged male breasts by reducing the fat deposits in your chest area. In addition, it tightens the skin so that you don’t have any sagging bits of skin after the breasts have been reduced in size. Ultimately, what Gynexol does is restore some form of self-confidence that you may have lost when you’ve developed large breasts.

How is Gynexol cream applied?

You just put a little on around your breast area twice a day. You have to massage it well into your body for a while so that you can be sure that its ingredients seep in. Then you have to let it dry before you put your shirt back on, although that will usually take only a couple of minutes or so.

How to use Gynexol cream?

You just hold the tube down, and then you can give it a light squeeze, so a little bit will come out. You wouldn’t really want to use too much, although you may have to experiment a bit to see how much you need to use twice a day so you can make the tube last for an entire month. When you’re done with your natural breast reduction and your chest feels nice and smooth, you won’t have to use this anymore. That should take about 4 months. Of course, it’s still up to you to keep up with your workouts and diet so that you don’t start putting back on the weight in your chest area.

How does Gynexol work?

Gynexol works in two ways. One way is to help the body burn fat more efficiently. By doing so, you can then get rid of the fatty deposits in your chest that are making your breasts bigger. The other way it works is by helping your skin look its best. Its ingredients include Retinol, which reduces skin wrinkles and blemishes, and Ginkgo Biloba extract, which stimulates collagen production and counters sagging skin.

Where to buy Gynexol?

While it may be possible that a few pharmacies may keep Gynexol in stock, your best bet is to go online if you want to buy this supplement. You should always go to an official website that is secure and guarantees a safe transaction. Once you get there, you can buy a tube that’s good for a month’s supply for $79.95. Discounts are available too. Buy a 3-tube pack and it’s only $64.62 a tube, for a total of $193.86. Buy a 5-tube pack and the per-unit cost goes all the way down to $48.93 per tube, for a total of $244.65.

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